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How to get quick online loans in Nigeria without collateral in 5 minutes

quick online loans in Nigeria and ussd code for loans in Nigeria 2021

USSD code for loans in Nigeria 2021? yes! Before now, it was impossible to get quick online loans in Nigeria. One has to go through those crude and sometimes those “crazy” money lenders in Nigeria or at the very best, go for the SME loans from banks like AB-microfinance bank, LAPO, etc.

But times have changed. Getting personal loans in Nigeria is now almost a stroll in the park. Consequently, the search term USSD code for loans in Nigeria 2021 is ever popular. So today, I’m going to show you how to get an instant loan anywhere you are in Nigeria.

While getting an online loan in Nigeria may be somewhat of a new thing to many people here, it isn’t in the other parts of the world, and so to most people here, this may sound like a joke until they have tried it themselves.

Before now, in order to get a soft loan in Nigeria, you had to visit those microfinance banks, like AB-microfinance bank or the more popular one –LAPO. But these days, getting a loan in Nigeria is as easy as dialing a USSD code, answer the prompt and your bank account gets credited. And you’d get to learn in this post, the various USSD code for loans in Nigeria.

How to get quick online loans in Nigeria

To get access to the quick online loans in Nigeria, you have to go through one of two processes, either use the USSD code provided by the provider or download their mobile app and of course, I will include a link to download their loan app.

All the online loan providers have either an app made available for your convenience or a USSD code to make the process even simpler such that you may not need data to access the loan.

How to get loan with USSD

There are lots of people who want to know how to get a loan with USSD codes. Truly, it’s really a straight forward process. In order to secure or borrow a loan with USSD code, we have made a shortlist on what you should know and do.

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So, here are the steps on how to get loan with USSD, and quickly too;

  1. Know the institution you want to borrow from.
  2. Check for their working USSD code for loans.
  3. Ensure you satisfy or meet their requirements.
  4. Dial the provided USSD code for loan application.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  6. Borrow your loan (and of course, be ready to pay back.)

We have made a comprehensive list of USSD codes to get a loan from various institutions or lenders below.

To borrow a loan with USSD code, just type the code of your desired lender and follow the onscreen instructions as instructed above. So, that’s it on How to get a loan with USSD. The following is a list of USSD codes for loan in Nigeria.

USSD Code For Loans In Nigeria 2021

Lending institution Code
AB Microfinance bank *389*755#
Access bank *901*11#
Accion MFB *572*6#
Airtel quick cash loan *561#
Aledin nano *903#
Etisalat loan code *561#.
Fairmoney ussd code *322*6#
FCMB loan code *329#
Glo cash loan code *322*1*04225701*Amount#
GTBank loan code *737*51*51#
Interswitch loan *322#
Kwik cash *561#
Mtn cash loan code *606*4#

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USSD Codes of Nigerian Banks

Here is the list of mobile banking codes in Nigeria. If there is a service you need from your bank and want the Nigerian banks USSD codes, you can get the information from the table below. It shows the full all bank codes in Nigeria. Feel free to enjoy and inform us if there is a particular banks USSD code missing. 

Commercial Banks USSD Code
Guarantee Trust Bank *737#
Fidelity Bank *770#
First Bank *894#
Wema Bank *945#
Skye Bank *833#
Sterling Bank *822#
Diamond Bank *710#
Eco Bank *326#
Diamond Access *901#
FCMB *389#
Unity Bank *7799#
UBA Bank *919#
Union Bank *826#
Heritage Bank *322#
Keystone Bank *533#
Access Bank *901#
Zenith Bank *966#


Requirements to get an online loan in Nigeria

All you need is provide your details, including the following:

  • Your BVN Number
  • Account number
  • Amount
  • Purpose of loan (depends on the source)
  • And other information deemed necessary.

The top apps to get quick online loans in Nigeria

Below, I will list the top apps from which you can get very quick online loans in Nigeria. (and I will keep updating the list, so remember to bookmark this page or like our Facebook page). They provide you with a loan in less than 20 minutes –it’s as simple as downloading the mobile loan apps, registering and requesting a loan. So without any further ado, let’s get to see the list of top apps to get an online loan in Nigeria

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Palm credit instant loan

quick online loans in Nigeria Palm Credit loan App

Get Your Palm credit instant loan app here


ussd code for loans in Nigeria 2021


Get Your Carbon loan app here


Branch personal Online loan in nigeria

Get Your Branch loan app here

Fair money

fair money money lenders in nigeria app

Get Your Fair money loan app here

Quick check loan

quick check personal loan app

Get your Quick check loan app here

How to raise your borrowing limit

Online loans in Nigeria comes with certain borrowing limits, depending on your history. When you first apply for an online loan, you’d be given a particular sum. You can only borrow a higher amount if you improve your credit score.

Your credit score is a rating which is put in place to rank those who have a bad record and those who pay back promptly as at when due. If you borrow and pay back when your loan is due, your credit score will improve, if you don’t pay back your credit score will drop. The higher your credit score, the more money you are eligible to borrow, the lower your credit score, the lower the amount you can borrow, and before you know it, no platform will be willing to lend you money if your credit score is so poor.

How to increase your credit score in Nigeria

To increase your credit score, all you need to do is pay back your loan when you borrow and do not default. If you have any reason why you may not be able to pay back, you should contact your institution, so they may extend your payback date. But you should also know that extending your payback date may increase the interest you’re paying back.

Before requesting a loan in Nigeria

Many people do not know why they need a loan, or why they don’t. I have to say this, it is not for every purpose you have to get a loan. There are certain reasons for which loans are best collected. Bearing in mind that every loan in Nigeria and anywhere in the world has a string attached (that is, you have to pay interest on the capital). No matter how a soft loan it is, you have to pay some interest on every loan, so before proceeding for any loan, ensure you are requesting for such loan for the best reasons.

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Why request a loan

Having stated the above, it is important to note why you may need a loan in Nigeria. I will list only a few reasons why you should go ahead to request for a loan in Nigeria or anywhere at all.

  1. Starting a business
    2. Pay for or carry out an urgent medical expense
    3. Pay for school fee (still a bad reason though)

We cannot predict when we may need a medical care, so there might be an urgent need for cash to treat yourself or a loved one when you are cash strapped, for this, you may request a soft loan. However, it is always advisable to have an emergency fund. If you do, there may be no need for an instant loan, unless you have exhausted your reserve.

Paying for your school fee shouldn’t warrant requesting for a loan unless you used your reserved fee for health care. Otherwise, you should have saved through the semester or work through the holiday.

The best reason to request a loan in Nigeria and anywhere in the world is to invest in or start a business. This way, the business repays the loan and of course, the interest and also gives you returns. This is what Robert Kiyosaki calls using “other people’s money (OPM) to create wealth”.

How to get LAPO loan online.

Do you want to know how to get lapo loan online? Unfortunately, we do not have accurate information on that yet (i.e information for the online application of Lapo loan).

Once that information reaches us, we will update this page. We advice you bookmark this page so you are the first to know how to get lapo loan online when it’s out.

So having learned how to get quick online loans in Nigeria, what are you going to do with this opportunity? Let us know in the comment area below. Do you prefer Apps or USSD code for loans in Nigeria 2021?

Don’t forget to share this, someone on your timeline needs to get this information on how to get quick online loans in Nigeria to improve their business –they’ll be grateful to you, and in the comment section below, share the USSD code for loans in Nigeria 2021 that has worked for you.


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